We are an institution based in  Ledbury where Tae Kwon-do, Self Defence & Other Martial Arts are used as a medium to develop ‘individuals’ minds and physical well being.

We strive to better the person as a whole – Mind, Body and Spirit.

By helping one person at a time and one family at a time, we look forward to enhancing the entire community as a whole.

Today’s children are our county’s future. They are future business leaders, future parents, and future government officials.

Today’s adults are their leaders, mentors, and role models.

Dragon Dojo Martial Arts focuses on expanding the mind in accordance with training for physical fortitude.

Dragon Dojo Martial Arts teaches the skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive world and how to manage the stress created from our daily lives in a fun family atmosphere.

Our goal is to provide affordable martial art instruction in a positive environment; therefore developing rich human resources for today and our future.

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